Security is an issue often raised in the digital currency space, with bitcoin maligned in the media by links to fraudulent or mismanaged exchanges and its use for nefarious purposes. Hence we’re committed to manufacturing products that allow anyone to invest in bitcoin in an easy and secure way.

Proven Experience

Our management team have utilised their experience of designing systems, controls, processes and managing risks and operations for some of the world’s largest institutions to design similar operations for TGBEX which secure our products’ validity and security.


Durable Cold Storage

By inserting electronic bitcoins onto a physical coin, via a strictly controlled process, we enable customers to invest in bitcoin safely, without having to worry about their hard-drive malfunctioning, storage being compromised, or online wallet being hacked.

Fully Compliant

We are fully committed to compliance with global digital currency and anti-money laundering regulations, which we firmly believe are necessary to encourage mainstream adoption and allow bitcoin to reach its full potential.