Using Bitcoin

Redeem your Bitcoin

TGBEX makes physical bitcoins with values ranging between 1 and 50 BTC. In this example we’ll redeem a 0.01 BTC physical bitcoin. Click on each step.

redeem1First peel the hologram off the back of the coin, to expose the (lower) private key. Now create a new wallet on the blockchain:

(A) Go to

(B) Click the blue “Start a New Wallet” button

Follow the instructions to create a wallet.

redeem2Wallet created and signed in successfully? Great!

You’ll now be on the “My Wallet” dashboard

(C) Click “Import / Export”

redeem3A warning message will appear.

(D) Read it and click “I Understand”

redeem4You’ll now also be prompted to reenter your password.

(E) Enter it and click “Continue”

redeem5On the Import/Export dashboard:

(F) Carefully type your private key into the box below “Import Private Key” and click “Add Private Key”

redeem6A further warning message will appear.

(G) Confirm the public key and BTC value and click “Sweep Key”

redeem7Success – your coin has now been redeemed !

(H) You can see the new BTC value of your wallet top right.

(minus 0.0001 BTC, charged by the blockchain as a transaction fee)



Your limited edition TGBEX coin will now retain its collectible value but have no further bitcoin balance attached to it. You shouldn’t attempt to send bitcoin before and especially not after redeeming its existing BTC value.

Check your coin balance

Checking the balance of your TGBEX physical bitcoin on the blockchain is simple. Click on each step.

check1(A) Go to

(B) Enter your public key and click the blue “Search” button

check2(C) The key’s public balance is displayed.